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 Pope's Visit a Touchstone for These L.A. Kids
April 7, 2005.  Some rarely divulge details of the encounter. "I consider it more of a private matter than anything else," says Joseph Gonzalez, now 30.

Anti-Terror Squads Heighten Surveillance
April 7, 2005.  ROME As Italy prepares to protect the extraordinary gathering at the pope's funeral Friday, security forces are rushing to deploy a phalanx of defenses: antiaircraft batteries, surveillance planes, helicopters and thousands of police and troops.

To Some, the Pontiff Was a Divisive Figure
April 7, 2005.  VATICAN CITY In death, John Paul II has united millions of Catholics in an outpouring of grief, but in life, the pope was often a polarizing figure.

Mystery Cardinal Will Never Be Able to Join Peers
April 7, 2005.  VATICAN CITY Pope John Paul II will take a secret to the grave when he is buried Friday: the identity of the last cardinal he named.

Cardinals Set Date for Conclave
April 7, 2005.  VATICAN CITY Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday chose April 18 as the start of their conclave to select a successor to Pope John Paul II, while the massive crush of pilgrims seeking to glimpse the pontiff's body forced authorities to shut down access to St. Peter's Basilica.

An Alternative to Embalming for the Pontiff
April 7, 2005.  ROME When he heard that Pope John Paul II had died, Massimo Signoracci crossed himself, murmured a prayer and waited for a call that never came.

Rome Seems Ready for the Crush
April 6, 2005.  ROME The air is filled with hymns and gridlock and the staccato rage of taxi drivers.

Back-Bench Cardinals
April 6, 2005.  VATICAN CITY The United States may be the world's military and economic superpower, but Americans find themselves on the periphery as the leaders of the world's largest church gather to pick a new pope.

China Unmoved in Vatican Stance
April 6, 2005.  BEIJING After more than 50 years of estrangement between Beijing and the Vatican, it was hardly surprising that China's state-run media paid little attention to the final days of Pope John Paul II.

Poles Gather in Largest Mourning Service
April 6, 2005.  WARSAW More than 200,000 Poles turned out here Tuesday for a national Mass on the same square where in 1979, Pope John Paul II famously asked the Holy Spirit to "renew the face of the Earth, this Earth!" in a challenge to the then-ruling Communists.

Thousands More Flock to Vatican
April 6, 2005.  VATICAN CITY A seemingly endless line of mourners wound through the ancient cobbled streets surrounding St. Peter's Square on Tuesday, an enormous public outpouring that coincided with a second day of talks among powerful Roman Catholic cardinals who will soon choose a successor to Pope John Paul II.

Pope Takes Final Journey
April 5, 2005.  ROME In a procession both majestic and medieval, 12 white-gloved pallbearers carried the body of Pope John Paul II from the inner chambers of the Vatican across St. Peter's Square on Monday and laid him at the altar of the basilica where he will be buried Friday.

'81 Shooter Requests Prison Leave to Attend Funeral
April 5, 2005.  ANKARA, Turkey Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turk who shot and seriously wounded Pope John Paul II in 1981, has requested a leave from prison to attend the pontiff's funeral, saying he is mourning the loss of his "spiritual brother."

Some Yearn to Bring Pope Home
April 5, 2005.  WARSAW For centuries, it was a custom to remove the heart of a beloved person who died abroad and bring it back to native soil.

Newshounds Pay, Pray for Line of Sight on Holy See
April 5, 2005.  VATICAN CITY The Roman media circus has begun.

Faithful Wait Hours for Glimpse
April 5, 2005.  VATICAN CITY They murmured the quietest of prayers as they made their way up the aisle of the great basilica, the only other sound the soft shuffle of countless feet on polished marble floors.

Pope's Rituals Open, Moving
April 4, 2005.  VATICAN CITY The body of Pope John Paul II, his face placid, his pale hands clutching rosary beads, went on televised display Sunday as the Vatican began the long goodbye of a ritual-filled interregnum that will end with the election of his successor.

Pontiff's Choice Was to Die Simply
April 4, 2005.  VATICAN CITY Pope John Paul II died the way he wanted.

A Transformed Poland Looks to a Future Without Its Hero
April 4, 2005.  KRAKOW, Poland Since the remarkable day in 1978 when Karol Wojtyla was elected head of the Church of Rome, the people of Poland have felt especially blessed, basking in the honor of having produced the first non-Italian pope in 4 1/2 centuries.

Visions of Next Pope as Varied as Parishioners
April 4, 2005.  Southern California Catholics want a new pope exactly like the old one, and someone more willing to change.

Bush Hasn't Won All of Pope's Flock
April 4, 2005.  WASHINGTON In the fall, President Bush accomplished a feat that eluded him in 2000 by winning the majority of votes cast by Roman Catholics. This week, he is expected to become the first U.S. president in history to attend the funeral of a pope.

Intimate Farewell for One of the Family
April 4, 2005.  VATICAN CITY It was the first of many farewells that Romans will hold for Pope John Paul II this week, and perhaps the most intimate and familial.

Pope John Paul II Dies
April 3, 2005.  VATICAN CITY Pope John Paul II died Saturday, ending a long, painfully public struggle against a host of debilitating ailments and a globetrotting reign that made him one of the towering figures of his time.

At St. Peter's, Sad News Swells the Multitude
April 3, 2005.  ROME It was the pope's last gift to Rome: a spontaneous urban event magnificent in its emotion and spectacle.

In Southland, Tears, Prayers and Memories
April 3, 2005.  Southern Californians paid tribute Saturday to Pope John Paul II, marking his death with tears of loss, smiles about special memories and relief that he was finally at rest after his long struggle with illness.

The Unflagging Evangelist
April 3, 2005.  Pope John Paul II, whose indomitable will and defense of human dignity helped bring down communism in Eastern Europe and reshaped Christianity's relationship to Judaism, was indisputably the most influential pope of the 20th century.

President Bush's statement
April 3, 2005.  Laura and I join people across the Earth in mourning the passing of Pope John Paul II. The Catholic Church has lost its shepherd, the world has lost a champion of human freedom, and a good and faithful servant of God has been called home.

Innovator Revised Papacy
April 3, 2005.  VATICAN CITY Two images, each freezing a turning point in history, define the papacy of John Paul II.

Vatican's Next Weeks Bear Centuries' Weight
April 2, 2005.  With the death of Pope John Paul II, a centuries-old tradition of mourning and succession begins.

A Ballot Like No Other
April 3, 2005.  VATICAN CITY Sometime in the next 20 days, the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church will file silently into the Sistine Chapel and lock out the world.

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