Fri Apr 8, 8:04 AM ET

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An Egyptian woman carrying a baby walks by shattered glass and blood stains at a blast site in Cairo April 8, 2005. A bomb in a Cairo bazaar popular with tourists killed a U.S. citizen, a Frenchwoman and a man who was probably the bomber, Egyptian officials said Friday. (Aladin Abdel Naby/Reuters)
Sat Apr 9, 5:27 PM ET

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Egyptians and tourists clog Cairo's old Bazaar. The bombing of a Cario tourist bazaar that killed three people was 'an isolated act' in which the bomber also died, Egyptian Public Prosecutor Maher Abdel Wahed said.(AFP/Str)

Cairo Bomber Was Acting Alone - Prosecutor

Sat Apr 9,10:24 AM ET

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CAIRO (Reuters) - The bomber who killed two tourists in a Cairo bazaar this week was acting alone and carrying a crude bomb of TNT and nails hidden in a black bag, Egypt's public prosecutor said on Saturday.


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"The investigations have proven that this was the act of an individual, not a group," public prosecutor Maher Abdel Wahid told reporters. He did not explain how the detectives had reached this conclusion.

In an Internet posting on Friday, a previously unknown Islamist group said it was behind the bombing on Thursday.

The blast, which killed a French woman, an American man and the suspected bomber was the first fatal attack on tourists in the Nile valley since 1997, when militant Islamists killed 58 tourists and four Egyptians at a temple near Luxor.

Eleven Egyptians and eight foreigners were wounded in the evening bombing in the crowded Cairo bazaar where shops sell perfume, jewelry, carpets and souvenirs to tourists.

Abdel Wahid said forensic scientists went back to the scene of the attack on Saturday to look for parts of the bomber's hands, which were missing from the unidentified body, so that they can take fingerprints.

He said detectives had already taken DNA samples.

A French man who was in critical condition in hospital is now out of danger, Tourism Minister Ahmed el-Maghrabi said.

A group calling itself the Islamic Pride Brigades in the Land of the Nile said one of its militants carried out the attack to protest against the "tyranny" of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's government and U.S. policies in the region.

But there was no way to authenticate the claim or judge whether such a group exists.

Thu Apr 7, 2:11 PM ET

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Ambulances and rescue vehicles wait near the site of an explosion in Cairo April 7, 2005. A man on a motorbike threw a bomb in the central historic area of Cairo on Thursday, killing a woman and a Frenchman and wounding at least eight others, Egyptian police sources and emergency service officials said. (Aladin Abdel Naby/Reuters)