Dear Friends:

This is an English translation to an article which appeared in the Egyptian Newspaper “Watani” on Sunday, December 26, 2004, page 8.


Message from Coptic Orthodox Priests in Canada

Call and Supplications


We, the Coptic Orthodox Priests of Canada sense the worry and anxiety of the congregations of our churches, East and West, towards the sufferings lately, and  once more, of our Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt. They are tormented from what has happened to them from burning their homes and businesses, armed attacks, psychological warfare, by intimidations, threats, and spreading of false rumors and lies, etc.


We call upon President Mohammad Hosny Mubarak, to continue his good efforts to establish principles of love between the two elements of the nation. That is with firmness and justice, as it is hard on us to see the name our beloved Egypt in the list of nations which breed fanaticism and disrespectful of the International Human Rights Declarations.


As we have read in the “Elkeraza” magazine of December 17, 2004, some details of regrettable incidents in three provinces and of which the security forces were standing as spectators! They did not act until huge damages had  happened to the Christians. We are calling upon those responsible for security to be always diligent to contain these painful happenings and to stop the spread of commotion in its infancy.


As we feel the sensitivity of these latest incidents and what they cause from ethnic troubles and divisions, we are also calling upon our Christian brothers and sisters to learn from the wisdom and prudence of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III who taught us that “We do not live in Egypt, our homeland, but rather Egypt lives in us”.


We also deplore some dishonest responsible persons in the media, radio, TV and newspapers, who attempt to sow the spirit of hatred and fanaticism. They extend their efforts towards some educational programs. For this we call upon the Ministries of Culture, Media and Education to form committees in which Christians and Muslims watch upon these productions and programs.


Egypt is in a great need of mobilized potentials who establish serious aiming programs to enlighten the mosques’ Imams and Christian personalities. That is to remind moderate Muslims of the fairness of Islam, specially towards the “People of the Book (Christians and Jews)” and enlightened Christians of “Love” which no ethnic or religious differences can challenge. If real love is established, knowing that God created us all equal, we then aspire our efforts towards righteousness far from empty slogans, and the truth that in every nation there are people who do good acceptable to God .


We also wish to mention, for us as priests, that in the first place we raise our hands for prayers and sublimations towards God to spread peace among all peoples. For this reason, we raise supplications to God to guide every responsible person in the nation, mosque and church, and start an immediate plan to raise up our Egypt  to establish peace, security and prosperity. We trust in God that He always realizes our daily requests which we ask in our churches, “The heavenly peace send down in our hearts; even the peace of this life also, graciously grant unto us. The president, the armies, the chiefs, the counselors, the multitudes, our neighbors, our coming in and our going out, adorn them with all peace.”


We raise another supplication to God to succeed the efforts of our beloved President Mohammad Hosny Mubarak, for the security and peace and national unity of Egypt, and to contain such situations, putting matters in their right places, with wisdom, and studied decisions. We ask these by the prayers of


His Holiness Pope Shenouda III