Subject: [Ottawa_Copts] Press Release from Council of Coptic Priests in Canada

Sent: Thursday, December 9, 2004 4:27 PM


Dear Friends:


This is an English translation to a release which was read by our

Coptic priests in our churches in Canada

Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate

Council of Coptic Priests in Canada

Canada, 6 December 2004


Press Release


Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Congregations of the Coptic Churches in


Grace and peace from the Lord Jesus be with you.  The fathers the priests and the Coptic congregations in Canada express a feeling of alarm concerning what our Coptic brethren in Egypt are subject to from collective harassments by government organizations, as the media, Ministry of Interior and others. Such as kidnapping Christian women and forcing them to convert to Islam, using the policy of generalization, and preventing the Church from performing her duty by contacting them. We mention also, the repeated attacks on Christian private businesses and homes, as what had happened in city of Samalout and other places in Egypt. For this:


1.                 A meeting was convened by the priests of the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, East and West of Canada.

2.                 A letter has been sent to President Mubarak, signed by all the Coptic priests in Canada asking him to intervene and have an end to these plans.

3.                 Declaration of fasting and prayers for 3 days in all Coptic Churches in Canada, on December 8, 9, 10, 2004, asking for God's mercies and His speedy intervention, trusting in the power of fasting and prayers, to guard His church, for which He promised that the powers of Hades will never overcome. By the prayers of all the saints, we ask for the peace of Egypt, remembering His Divine promise, "Bessed be My people, Egypt", Amin.