Stop Fgm: Female genital mutilation - Stop Fgm: Mutilation Génitales Féminines

 Aidos -  Italian Association for Women in Development NPWJ - No Peace Whithout Justice Tamwa - Tanzania Media Women's Association
• An international campaign to eradicate female genital mutilation, including:   • Une campagne internationale pour l’éradication des mutilations génitales féminines, qui comprend:  
- this web portal
- an appeal/manifesto to the international community
- an experts meeting on the use of law in Africa
- a model campaign using the media in Tanzania

- ce portail web
- un appel adressé à la Communauté internationale
- une rencontre d’experts sur l’utilisation de la loi en Afrique
- une campagne d'information pilote en Tanzanie

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"AIDOS, NPWJ and TAMWA are grateful to
Elsa Peretti for her personal support to the International Campaign Stop FGM"

"AIDOS, NPSG et TAMWA remercient
Elsa Peretti pour son soutien personnel à la Campagne Internationale Stop FGM"
  This activity is supported and funded
by the European Commission

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