We will be grateful if you could spend an hour looking around the contents of it. We need your input:  the good, bad, and ugly.

The goal of the web site is to present the atrocities of Islam to the entire humanity.  It is being done from a Secular Humanist perspective.

There is no Hindu or Jewish or American or Russian solution to Islamic hegemony.  It is Infidels against Islam.  The motto of Victims of Jihad is: "Infidels of the World, Unite!  You have nothing to lose except the hegemony of Islamic Imperialism."

The goal of the web site is two fold:   One is to become an on-line library, one-stop-shop, a knowledge ware house, a Library of Congress on Islam. (you pick the correct metaphor!) There are about forty nationalities who have been historically victims of Jihad. Unless they unite and defeat the militant Islam, there is no future for humanity.

There is no SEPERATE solution for Kashmir problem of Bangladeshi Hindu Problem or Jewish Problem or Coptic or Chechnean Problems.  There are no isolated or ad-hoc solutions.  There is one universal problem - that is, Universal Jihad and it must be defeated.

Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are the True Axis of Evil. They must be secularized, demilitarized, and democratized by the Infidel Forces of the World. Either we secularize these Islamic radical states OR they will certainly Islamize the Free (infidel) World.

There are several ethnic groups (who have been Victims of Jihad) are interested in this project.

At this stage, we are looking for two types of help.  Researchers and Computer Gurus.
There are nearly three hundred subjects that need research.  For example, Jihad against Nigeria.  We need people to do on the history of Jihad in Nigeria If each researcher takes on one subject, the web site will have extraordinary wealth of knowledge at one place that can be used by the next generation of activists.

Similarly, we need computer programmers who could help enhance this  web-site further.  Any and all help will be genuinely appreciated.

Within the context of India and Hindus..  Pakistan must be secularized, demilitarized and democratized.  Otherwise, there is no future for Hindu Civilization.  Trying to solve the Kashmir problem or some other problem is like putting band aid on leprosy.  

We believe Islam is ready to not only to explode but also ready to implode. There are several Muslims (by birth) of good will are questioning vigorously the claims of Islamic theocracy.  Ali Sina, Anwar Sheikh, Ibn Warque, come to mind in this connection.

SECONDLY, Victims of Jihad will present its case from a western and secular humanist perspective.  We believe it is possible to create cells of activists who educate their respective communities of the dangers of militant Islam all over the United States, Europe, and Russia .   Within India (and the rest of the sub-continent as well), it is imperative to bring leftist liberal (Marxist, Socialist, and Congress) forces to a United Anti-Islamic Front. We believe such a unity is not impossible - notwithstanding present socio-political conditions in India - provided our polemic of Islam is presented from a secular humanist perspective.  

Since all politics are local.  These cells will influence their respective Congressmen, Senators, and Parliament Members in their home towns worldwide.

Also, It is Internet and IT technology that is most powerful weapon against Islamic terrorism.

The Web Site uses materialist epistemology as a weapon of choice in its criticism of Islamic dogmatism.

The Web Site believes that there is no such a thing as a religious conflict. Historically, the conflict by (and between) Semitic faiths is not about metaphysics.  It is about real estate, gold, wholesale murder, and slavery. Islam is simply Arab Imperialist and. Supremacist more, no less.

The web site further believes that (in India )  BJP, RSS, and VHP  provide only voodoo solutions to the problems of Islamic  imperialism.  For example, they could not build a Ram Temple in 20 years in Ayodhya and hundreds of kara sevaks have died in the process.   At the same time and during the same period, hundreds of Hindu temples have been destroyed both in Bangladesh and Pakistan .

Who remembers today two thousand martyrs who have made ultimate sacrifice in Kargil

Today, in the world, we need a final solution to the problem of Islamic Imperialism.  That is, there should be a United Front of the Free (infidel) World and we have to confront Islamic aggression. Militant Islam should be defeated by superior military force (which George W. is doing, in a way).    Islamic metaphysics should be destroyed by a militant materialist epistemology.

Why should we face militant Islam today?  Because we, the infidels of the world have no other choice. It is now or never.   Either we all will remain free OR we all will be ruled by the Taliban, worldwide.

Please review the web site.  At least please read the following portions if you can:  who we are; what you can do; our demands and our vision.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.  We need your comments. 

Infidels of the World, Unite!