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Recent events in the village of Mankateen, Minya.


I received reports from reliable sources that the attack on Mankateen village took place about 7pm on Friday 3rd of November 2004.


The culprits were a few hundreds of youth in their twenties. They belong to “Al-Gam3eiah Al-Shar3iah “and most of them did not came from Mankateen but from surrounding areas.


The mob attacked two chemist shops belong to Dr Reda Morgan and Dr Osama ghali and burned one of them, also smashed two cars one of them belong to Thabet Kostor, and one of the cars was burnt down.


The mob went to attack the Christian prayer place in “Gameeiah, a place which has been used for prayers” but people stopped them.


According to a local priest the police response was quick, they arrested large numbers.


A meeting took place on Saturday 4th of December 2004 between the Bishopric Deputy, the village priest; I believe his name is Abouna Estaphanos and the head of the SSI with promises to persecute and compensate.


From another source, the arrested were boys of around 15 years old and not the real culprits.


This is verified and collated by myself IH

Yours truly,

Dr. Ibrahim Habib, MD

Vice president , UK Coptic Association



Killing of Priest Ibrahim Mekhaiel and two other parishioners;

The court adjourned the case to 15th Jan 2005 to receive a weather report as the defence advocated the bad weather was a factor in the accident (was is known to be windy on that day, but not enough to cause the accident).