We the Coptic people have suffered many years of continuous persecution by the Muslim majority and with the support of a ruthless Egyptian Government.  For centuries we have been denied equal rights.  Being a peaceful minority we have no right to defend ourselves when we are targeted by Muslim mobs, the media, and the religious hatred which is exercised with the collaboration of police and their full negligence.  Justice has failed us every time we sought our rights.  Even recently the forces of evil took its toll on our families in Upper and Lower Egypt.

We have prayed, and we shall not stop praying because, only God can come to our rescue.  In few days we shall celebrate Christmas prayers at all our churches.  As a tradition, officials from the Egyptian Consulate and Embassy come to offer good wishes.  I wish they spare us this hypocrisy this year, and instead plead with their superiors that we should get our equal rights as respected by all civilized and democratic nations.

Our request to these officials, please stay away from our churches, you are not welcome.

Coptic people of Canada

fax to:
(613) 234 - 9347
(514) 866 - 0835
Milad S. Iskander