Only in Egypt!
Yosra Sultan
Middle East Times

Published February 10, 2005

CAIRO --  Summaries of bizarre goings-on in Egypt.
     All's well that ends well
    After realizing that she was pregnant with her married cousin's baby, a young girl was encouraged by her family to have an abortion. Coincidence would have it though, that at the clinic where this was to take place, a woman who was unable to have children offered to buy the baby, but the pregnant girl's family refused to take money, and they agreed to give her the baby for free. (From Al Masry Al Youm )
     Just a little bit paranoid
    The socialist opposition paper El Esboa reported that a suspicious woman who happened to be an American congresswoman was seen visiting various Coptic religious authorities in Upper Egypt. The reasons this was so suspicious were unclear, although the license plate number of her private car was deemed significant enough to publish. The paper claimed that the suspicious visits aimed to interfere with Egyptian internal affairs and spark religious conflict in Egypt, adding that a lot of question marks were popping up. Indeed. (From El Esboa )
     The absentminded officer
    A police officer was detained when a suspect he had helped capture after a long and dangerous chase told officials that his personal gun had been taken by the officer. When questioned about this the officer claimed that in the heat of the moment, he had simply forgotten about petty things such as reporting weapons. He was shortly released. (From Al Ahrar )
     Mobile phone etiquette
    A high school student got into a violent argument with school officials during his midyear exams, when officials refused to let him enter the exam room with a mobile phone. In another related incident a student accused the exam supervisor of stealing his phone, which may help explain the first student's reluctance to part with his own. (From Al Ahrar )
     Suspected of what?
    Among Egypt's recently detained political activists were three people who were accused of distributing a book about Egyptian politics. This made no sense, however, as the same book was officially being sold at the state-sponsored Cairo Book Fair. (From Al Araby )