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I am sure you all have heard of the wonderful ministry of Sat-7 broadcasting in arabic the wonderful message of love of our Lord and Saviour jesus Christ to the Middle East, North Africa and all of Europe.
Due to severe reduction of donations coming from USA they are now in severe financial difficulty. I copied a letter from Terry Ascot who is their Chief executive based in Cyprus. Please click on the Link in his letter or copy and paste it and donate generously but above all pray that Our Saviour would save and maintain their mission for the glory of His name.


Yours in him
Onsy Morris, FRCOG
Trustee; Sat-7 trust.


From: SAT-7 Trust []
Sent: 27 May 2005 17:26
Subject: SAT-7 Trust News and Prayer May 2005 (G)


A urgent personal letter | June 2005 SAT-7 News and Prayer letter
Dear friends,
Greetings from Cyprus! This letter is a very personal one please read it all the way through, I would hate to be misunderstood!


So far, 2005 has been an amazing year for SAT-7 with more new programming and audience responses significantly up.


However, since the start of this year, SAT-7's worldwide income has, on average, been down by 45% on budget projections month-by-month. Although we based our spending plans on the income it was reasonable to expect, we are now about GBP 375,000 down on what is needed. Several larger grants have been delayed and some foundations have even been forced to postpone a final decision.


In response, we have delayed as many expenses as we can, and have used up all of the small reserves we had. Now we are faced with having to make some damaging further cuts in our exciting new programmed production plans.  Before we take this step, one that will have a very serious longer term impact on our viewers, I decided I tell you about this urgent need.


I am conscious that most people take their giving very seriously.  It can really be an act of sacrificial worship - where one experiences a special kind of joy in the sacrifice of giving something back to God, through supporting something or someone that you feel is being used to extend the Kingdom of God here on earth.


I want to be honest with you in sharing the needs of this ministry, which you have demonstrated that you care about. I do not want to be manipulative (by screaming that "we are having a crisis!!!") and I want you to respond to this appeal only if it will bring you joy in the Lord, if you feel peace in your heart that this is really something good to do and will be pleasing to God!


If, on the other hand, you are unable to help financially, I still appreciate your taking the time to stay in touch and remember these needs in your prayers.


If you can help financially, please click on or copy and paste the following secure link into your internet browser:

to donate on line, or call 01249 765865 to make a credit card donation, or send a cheque payable to “SAT-7 Trust to SAT-7 Trust, 43 New Road, CHIPPENHAM, Wiltshire SN15 1HL,UK.


Whatever you decide to do, I will always be glad to hear from you. Thank you!


Yours in Christian Love,

Terence Ascott, SAT-7 CEO


PS As an encouragement - we have also recently extended the broadcasts to Arab communities in Australia; provided SAT-7 to viewers globally via web-streaming; undertaken two first-of-a-kind-for-SAT-7 live broadcast events; continued to build the new Master Control Room (MCR) in Nicosia; and secured new research data that shows SAT-7 has an awesome viewing audience across the Arab World today!

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SAT-7 News & Prayer items:

SAT-7 June 2005 News & Prayer items:
“Very Happy Marriage Website Crashes
A new programme on SAT-7 TV called “A Very Happy Marriage is receiving a tremendous response. Many viewers have contacted SAT-7 to say how the show has saved their marriages and brought them into a relationship with Christ. Recently a support website for the programme,, which includes a facilitated chat room where viewers can ask questions about how to improve their marriages, crashed when 1,500 people tried to log on at the same time! The producer of the show/website told SAT-7, “I have to confess we didn’t have the faith to believe that so many people would log on at one time! The site has since been rebuilt and can handle an almost unlimited number of people.


Please pray - in thanksgiving that God is using “A very Happy Marriage to influence so many lives and relationships. Pray that viewers who need the kind of valuable information available through this show and its website will be drawn to watch it on SAT-7.


SAT-7 celebrates its 9th anniversary on air...
SAT-7’s first broadcast was on 31 May 1996. With only two hours of programming a week, that first broadcast had to be repeated the next week because the second block of programming hadn’t been completed. In those early days, there were only a few programmes and we lacked staff, studios and cameras needed for even a fledgling production effort.


Since 1996, SAT-7 has grown into a 24-hours-a-day Christian broadcaster with studios in Egypt and Lebanon, a professional staff of more than 100 worldwide, and more than 80% of its programmes originally written, produced and prepared for broadcast by Arabic-speaking Christians for Arabic-speaking Christian audiences from a base in the Middle East.


Please pray - in thanksgiving for all the Lord has done through the SAT-7 broadcasts over the past 9 years. Thank him for the thousands of lives that have been influenced for the sake of Christ through SAT-7. Pray that the Lord will continue to provide financing to enable SAT-7 to continue to broadcast far into the future.


SAT-7’s Live Broadcast of the Global Day of Prayer...
On 15 May, SAT-7 transmitted its first fully live video broadcast: coverage of the International Day of Prayer. SAT-7’s broadcast included three hours of programming from Cairo. Camera crews, technicians, and control room staff carefully covered a live prayer service from the famous Cave Church in Mokattam. The entire event, part of a worldwide prayer effort organised in more than 200 countries, was designed to mobilise Christians to pray with one voice, culminating in a single day of asking God to bless all the nations of the earth.


Please pray - in thanksgiving that the Lord enabled SAT-7 to complete what was an extremely ambitious broadcast. Thank Him also that this broadcast allowed Middle Eastern Christians to join the worldwide coverage of this prayer event. Pray that SAT-7 will be able to have more of these fully live broadcasts in the future, enabling Arabic-speaking Christians to have a greater voice in the region.


SAT-7 Viewers Questions Answered on Air...
The head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, which has more than 10 million members, hosts a very popular weekly teaching programme on SAT-7. In this programme viewers can pose questions directly and Pope Shenouda gives an answer from the Scriptures. Questions posed often reflect the concerns of Arab Christians as they struggle to remain faithful while living in communities that generally lack an understanding of the Christian faith.


Recent questions have included:


“When Jesus came to John the Baptist to be baptised, John the Baptist said “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and then when John the Baptist had been in prison he sent two disciples to Jesus and said to Him “Are you the coming one, or do we look for another? Can you explain for me this event and the contradiction?


We have been asking the Lord to intervene in a situation for four years but He has never answered up till now. We are feeling very much hurt because nothing is happening with this matter. Why isn’t God answering our prayers?


SAT-7 receives responses from Arabic-speaking Christians of many denominations and nationalities thanking the Pope for the clarity of his insights about Christ and God’s Word.


Please pray - that the Lord will continue to use Pope Shenouda’s programme, and the many other TV programmes produced by the Coptic Orthodox Media Centre, to help viewers to a better understanding of Christian truths. Pray also that programmes like this will help the various Christian denominations within the Middle East and North Africa to unite around the teaching of the Bible.


Top Theologian applauds SAT-7...
Dr. Viggo Mortensen, an internationally recognised Lutheran theologian, recently gave a strong commendation of SAT-7:


"Globalisation is everywhere, and the media impact everyday life for all peoples of this Earth. If we want Christianity to have a presence in this context, we must give it a voice.


SAT-7 is such a voice. This television channel distinguishes itself by broadcasting locally produced programming in cooperation with the local Churches of the Middle East. To present Christianity in the Arab World in a cultural form that is non-offensive is a great and extremely important task that SAT-7 has taken upon itself.


Given the current perspectives in the encounter between religions today, I can see no task which more urgently needs to be supported.


From 1991-99 Dr. Mortensen was the director of the Department for Theology and Studies at the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva. Today, he is Director of Centre for Multireligious Studies at Aarhus University in Denmark.


Please pray - that more Christian leaders around the world will understand the importance of what God is doing through SAT-7 and that they will be willing to give their support to the ministry.


Recent viewers' stories:
A Lebanese lady called one of the SAT-7 affiliated counselling centres to say she is handicapped and uses a wheelchair to get around. Her marriage was crumbling and she was still grieving the loss of her brother. Living in relative isolation, she was being treated for severe depression. She contacted SAT-7, asking for someone to pray for her, and perhaps to visit her. Staff prayed with her immediately, and two SAT-7 counsellors later visited her. This young lady has recently called SAT-7 again, telling her counsellors that she had been baptised and had brought many others into relationships with the Lord including a non-Christian. While she remains disabled, she has found new life, witnessing to the Lord and serving others.


Another lady contacted SAT-7 from a remote area, requesting printed materials. She shared that she was a mother of two children, and that her husband was having an affair with another woman. Although she loved her husband, her family suffered greatly. Her family, and his, asked her to leave him because of his careless neglect. When she called, she had got to the point of contemplating suicide. The counsellor prayed with her and provided sound Biblical advice, but in spite of her prayers the marriage continued to crumble. One day, one of her husband’s colleagues started to talk to him about God. The husband slowly started to respond and Christ’s love began to change his life. Now, the couple has embraced a new relationship with Christ.


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