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June 17, 2005

Her Excellency Mrs. Rice

Secretary US Sate Department

We wished to have attempted to contact your Excellency in a better circumstance; however, the continued oppression by Egyptian government and Islamic fanatics against Coptic Christians has reached a high mark yesterday (6/15/2005).

Coptic Priest and two others have been murdered in a planned car crash.

A young Coptic girl named Neveen Ezzat Michael was kidnapped by Muslim fanatic in order to be forced to convert to Islam (an episode which has been occurring frequently on weekly bases around different Egyptian governorates and sponsored and protected by State Security Agents). Father Beimen (Coptic priest) and Neveen's uncle managed to get back the girl and sent her to a Coptic monastery so she can feel safe. On their way back from the monastery they were followed by a truck which soon crashed their car leaving 3 dead (The priest, the Girl's uncle and a third person) and 5 injured in critical condition. The truck is owned by the kidnapper. No arrests have been made till now.

The police refused to release the body of the dead priest for proper burial unless Christians promise to keep quite and not to grieve publicly.

6 months ago, another priest was also murdered in a car crash while on his way to police station after he has been called at 3:00 AM to meet the police officer because he attempted to repair a portion of the church fence after been destroy by vandalism.

Please add the subject of Christian oppressions in Egypt during your meeting with Egyptian officials asking them to thoroughly investigate the priest murder events as well as the kidnapping (disappearance) of young Christian girls.

We wish you all the best in your mission to attain peace in the World, dignified human rights and equality among all human races.  May God Bless You.


Respectfully Yours


Farouk Melek


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