Monday, March 21, 2005

Your views

The writer is a former resident of Passaic.

As a Coptic-American born and raised in Chicago, I just wanted to write and thank you for Columnist Lawrence Aaron's well-written commentary on the Coptic-Muslim situation in New Jersey ("Time for Copts and Muslims to mend differences," Other Views, March 16).

If only Americans knew how Christians were treated in Egypt today, then everybody involved would know why the Coptic community was convinced the Armanious' murderers were Muslim fanatics. But they weren't. And I agree that it would only further enrage the Copts and perpetuate strife between the two groups if the Muslim community went ahead and tried to file hate crime and defamation lawsuits with the attorney general.

I would hope that the Muslim community would listen to Aaron's words so a dialogue between all Egyptians could begin. Who knows? Maybe if we can get the two groups to communicate here in America, it will help the two to start communicating back home in Egypt.

Peter Ashamalla

Chicago, March 16