Other Coptic Organizations

Coptic Pharaonic Republic- Coptic Government in Exile

Websites that explain Islam and other religions

A website entitled "Answering Islam"

Secular Islam

Individual Sites

Dr. Waheed HASSAB ALLA's website"

Mr. Adel Nasseif's website of Coptic Art and Icons

Human Right's Websites

The Human Rights Watch website- This site reports on human rights violations worldwide, and also writes letters to oppressing governments.

The American Anti-Slavery group's website

Christian Freedom International's website

The Freedom House's website

The International Christian Concern's website

Coptic Church Sites

Holy Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church's website

The website of the Diocese of Los Angeles

St. Anthony's Church of Hayward, CA

Sites about Coptic Language, History, and Culture

Coptic.org provides webpages for Copts and explains Coptic history and much more

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